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visor2™ - Neuronavigation for every application

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visor2™* is the neuronavigation solution for the most advanced neuroscience research and accurate clinical therapy** with non-invasive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

visor2™ guides the user with intuitive step-by-step workflows through the entire navigated TMS (nTMS) session, from patient data management with individual MRI data import, to motor threshold determination for personalized TMS and consistent TMS coil targeting with MRI-less navigation.

visor2™ is compatible with most TMS coils and stimulators from all major TMS manufacturers and can be integrated cost-effectively in existing TMS setups. The flexible configuration of the visor2™ system allows easy adaption to your needs and budget with expansive regulatory clearances for use in clinical settings**.

visor2™ also supports a wide range of nTMS applications in neuroscience, such as simultaneous EEG-TMS recording and language mapping with flexible and powerful task management (investigational use only).


*visor2 system is CE marked as a medical device in the EU, according to MDD 93/42/EEC, class lla and has FDA clearance under 510(k) in the USA. Medical Device License (MDL) issued by Health Canada. Compliant with the Australian TG(MD)R and registered in the ARTG. Manufactured by eemagine GmbH, Berlin, Germany, ISO 13485 certified. ANT Neuro and eemagine are part of the neuromotion group. For the regulatory status of visor2 outside of Australia, Canada, EU and USA, please contact your local distributor or ANT representation. EEG-TMS, language mapping and dual-coil navigation with visor2 is intended for research and educational use only.

**Information for United States based clinicians: conditions that are FDA cleared for treatment with TMS are specific to each stimulation device. Please consult your stimulator manufacturer for more information.

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