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Deeper insights through better technology.

The new frontier in multimodal brain research. With up to 16 kHz sampling rate, 32-256 EEG channels and unique software features, eego mylab gives you an unprecedented in-depth understanding of the human brain.

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The battery powered system is available in 4 versions for recordings from 32 to 256 EEG channels. The cascaded 128- and 256-channel versions offer users a unique benefit; the high-density EEG stations can be split into separate (mobile) 64-channel EEG systems for individual use or group studies.

eego mylab is ideal for investigating all kinds of EEG paradigms, such as (SS)VEP, AEP, MMN, P300 and N2(pc) as well as for complex paradigms in combination with TMS, EMG or customized solutions such as MEG and tDCS/tACS. Thanks to the high sampling rate, high density and the unique active shielding technology, the quality of EEG remains optimal even in adverse environments.

In addition, the system’s functionality can be easily extended with EOG, ECG, EMG, real-time data access and physiological sensors for respiration, temperature, skin conductance and acceleration.
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Core features and benefits

  • Plug & play system with quick set-up times.
  • Compact and light-weight system for use in clinical as well as research settings.
  • Ultimate flexibility with interchanging amplifiers for use as cascaded and stationary units or as individual and mobile* systems.
  • The system is available in 4 versions, for recordings from 32 to 256 EEG channels.
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  • Compatible with dry and gel-based EEG caps.
  • Includes an input for recordings of up to 24 bipolar channels or a combination of EMG channels with a variety of physiological sensors for rich data of body and mind.
  • High temporal resolution data thanks to one of the highest sampling rates in the industry: sampling rate of up to 16 kHz across all referential channels.
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  • Ultra-high signal range and programmable gain. 
  • Includes a wealth of software features designed for unconstrained and intuitive performance, ranging from practical recording workflow and subject management to advanced sensor value display and synchronized video recording. Software features >>
  • Full integration of a wide range of external triggers.
  • Excellent signal quality even in adverse environments due to the active shielding technology. more>>
  • SDK for direct real-time data access (e.g. BCI, Neurofeedback).
  • Free support and software updates (initial 6 months).

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The eego™ amplifiers are CE marked medical devices, and have FDA clearance under 510(k).

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