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application areas

application areas

Four variants for multiple applications

The multi-modal system is the ultimate tool for studies to determine psychophysiological correlates of mental processes, discriminate between different brain disorders and enabling new pursuits in neuroscience, neurodiagnostics and BCI.

The solution comes in four variants for recordings from 32 to 256 EEG channels. Solutions can be easily upgraded to a higher number of channels.

Additionally, each amplifier includes an input for 24 EMG channels or for a combination of EMG channels with a variety of physiological sensors (sensors for respiration, temperature, skin conductance and acceleration).

The highly flexible eego mylab solutions can be easily applied in an extensive list of applications in research and clinical settings for EEG/ERP studies to gain deeper insights of the human brain. 

To combine with:

API for real-time data access for BCI and neurofeedback applications, TMS, MEG, tDCS/tACS. See our SDK page for more information. If your requirement is not listed, please contact us. Acquisition of full body & brain data is achieved through easy synchronization with external devices via an 8-bit trigger input.

EEG/ERP studies
In combination with EMG, EOG
and/or physiological sensors
For EEG/TMS studies

Flexibility of use

The cascaded high-density 128 and 256 EEG channel eego mylab stations can be easily split into separate 64-channel EEG systems for individual use or group studies. On top of that, each 32- and 64-channel amplifier can be used in mobile settings, by simply adding a dedicated mobility pack.



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The eego™ amplifiers are CE marked medical devices, and have FDA clearance under 510(k).

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