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Give your research a new dimension by having real-time access to incoming data, straight from the eego amplifier!

With our Software Development Kit (SDK), you can get direct access to the eego amplifier. This enables you to use the data from the amplifier (including streaming data in real-time), among others for BCI, Neurofeedback, Hyperscanning, Multimodal integration and integration with third-parties.

The SDK is part of our medical CE, so that you can smoothly build a medical device on top of our equipment.

The SDK provides you with an easy to use C++ interface to facilitate the creation of dedicated applications based on all supported eego amplifiers. The package consists of a driver and libraries to develop your own software together with extensive documentation. 



As a result of great community efforts, there are now a few open toolboxes 
available that already work, based on the SDK:



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SDK license
Included with all eego™ amplifiers
eego amplifier compatibility All EE-21*, EE-22*, and EE-41* amplifiers are supported
Supported platforms
Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit applications),
Linux (32 bit and 64 bit applications)
Other features
Referential, bipolar and trigger channel streaming
Impedance streaming




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