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Total control over your stimulation targets

Robotized TMS is a novel approach in the application for image guided transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

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smartmove allows planning of a complete stimulation session ahead by defining stimulation sites based on anatomical MRI information and functional information like fMRI, PET or EEG/MEG. During the execution of the TMS stimulation sequence, the system places the coil at the predefined target positions and keeps the coil in place even if the head of the patient/subject moves.

TMS positioning with ultimate precision

The robotic TMS navigation system is able to define stimulation targets based on the individual anatomy of the brain. Based on the intended target, it calculates the optimal position of the TMS coil. Because of the optical position sensor the system is provided with, movements of the patient's head are constantly monitored. When the patient's head moves, the position and the orientation of the TMS coil are adjusted accordingly. smartmove is able to perform a wide range of tasks, from the simple maintenance of the TMS coil at the intended target to the definition and performance of complex stimulation protocols.

Some of the features

  • Quickly targeting of any point, even a grid or array of points which saves countless hours.
  • Head movement compensation enables ultimate precision for TMS targeting, especially ideal for rTMS and grid mapping.
  • Repetition of previous stimulation target positions - helpful in development of ongoing subject plans.
  • Safety parameters ensure complete comfort and control during every TMS session
  • Compatible with all major TMS systems, including Magstim and Magventure.

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smartmove is intended for research use only.

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