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nëo™ CFM

nëo™ CFM

nëo™ is the newest, now with automatic annotation of seizure activity*, most easy to use cerebral function monitor (CFM) solution available to busy NICUs. Designed to account for NICU workflows - from electrode application, to monitoring, event annotation and review. The nëo CFM easily integrates into the NICU’s neonatal brain monitoring protocols.



• Selectable from a single, 2 channel recording or up to 8 referential aEEG/EEG channels

• Automatic annotation of seizure activity* on up to 2 user-defined aEEG channels

• Easy to read Greyscale feature for aEEG

• Online graphical and numeric Burst Suppression Ratio (BSR) and Inter-Burst-Interval (IBI)

• Streamlined setup to initiate monitoring or review sessions

• Easy exporting of data and screenshots at any time

• Quick access to pre-defined and custom annotations


Please contact us or your local distributor for more information. 

* The seizure annotation feature is released and available for all EU countries. It is currently not available in the US and Canada. Please check with your local distributor for all other areas outside of the EU.
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