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A user-friendly and straightforward way to obtain accurate 3D electrode positions

xensor is the time-efficient and straightforward solution for precise and reliable digitization of sensor positions, for example EEG electrodes.

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The system’s intuitive and user-friendly workflow in combination with an infrared-based high-accuracy measurement system enables the user to easily pinpoint, digitize and visualize the positions of EEG electrodes in real-time.

Head shape point generation to achieve highest accuracy

Precision and reliability are essential not only for EEG source localization but also for registration of optode positions in NIRS or corregistration of EEG with fMRI or MEG. In order to enhance the accuracy, xensor comes with an individual head shape generation feature. Thanks to this feature, the generated head-models are based on the subject’s head proportions, resulting in realistic output to ensure reliable registration of electrode positions.

Intuitive digitization with wireless remote control

A dedicated remote control allows the users to switch easily between different steps in the workflow. Press left or right to go back or proceed with the procedure, choose the upper or lower button to rotate the 3D head model in different directions. Navigation through the digitization workflow is as easy as that!

Electrode selection guide

Time-saving, optional automatic selection guide uses the current location of the pointer tool to automatically select the most probable electrode to be registered.

Core features & benefits

  • Easy-to-use through simple, guided workflows
  • High-accuracy digitization with the use of IR camera (accuracy deviation of less than 2 mm)
  • A wireless remote control allows easy switching between different steps in the workflow.
  • The intuitive electrode selection tool uses current location of the pointer tool with relation to the subject and detects the most probable electrode to be registered.
  • The head model is adapted to the subjects’s head proportions for higher visual accuracy: best fit (non-reshaped head model) and elastic (adaptively reshaped head model)
  • Head model views can be easily changed between original, best fit and reshaped.
  • Electrode layouts templates for the majority of waveguard™ caps available. Optional import of custom electrode layouts.
  • Available also as an add-on for visor2 and asa.

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xensor is intended for educational and research use only.

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