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Straightforward recording and analysis of clinical EEG

EEG and cognitive evoked potentials may be used in the evaluation of certain psychiatric disorders. cognitrace provides you with a complete battery of tests that can be used in daily routine to discriminate between psychiatric and neurological diseases.

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cognitrace applies dedicated recording hardware and analysis protocols for EEG and evoked potential (EP) data. Topographical maps of the spectral power of EEG and the event-related brain responses are linked with statistical information available for age-matched reference groups to gain objective data that help differentiating psychiatric from neurological cases.

Easy operation

The innovative click-and-go concept of cognitrace contributes to the efficiency of the system. Well-designed templates outline the workflow and lead you step-by-step through the recording, analysis and reporting. The intuitive displays for EEG traces, voltage and spectral maps are documented automatically into ready-to-print reports.

Complete turn-key solution

Patient management and administration are indispensable for a clinical system. cognitrace provides a smooth, network-wide user interface for the administration of patients, their recordings and reports. cognitrace is set up in a way that regular EEG and complex cognitive trials are combined in one session, which saves time and money.

Comprehensive cognitive tests

Audio-visual stimuli are presented to the patient while the system collects the corresponding brain waves through the scalp. The most common sessions include:

  • Spontaneous EEG Eyes open/closed condition, hyperventilation, photic flash stimulation: indication for possible neurological deficits.
  • Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) Response of the brains visual system.
  • Auditory Evoked Potential (AEP) Cortical (long latency) response of the auditory system.
  • Auditory oddball paradigm (P300) Capacity to process relevant and ignore irrelevant information, indicator for attention deficits of various forms.
  • Contingent Negative Variation (CNV) Response anticipation.
  • Mismatch Negativity (MMN)
  • P50 paradigm Inhibition of the brain to repeated information.

cognitrace is compliant with international standards for use in clinical environments.

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