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The waveguard original EEG cap is the latest and most advanced cap available at this moment. All waveguard original caps are very light-weight through the use of very thin electrode wires, and the flexible, breathing cap fabric enables comfortable recordings even over a longer period of time.

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Simultaneous EEG recordings with TMS, MEG or fMRI

The easy-to-apply EEG caps are available in different configurations (standard EEG as well as TMS, MEG and fMRI compatible) and layouts, ranging from a clinical montage (e.g., for routine EEG) to specialized high-density electrode configurations.

Shielded caps for the purest data streams

The option to use shielded wires makes the cap less susceptible to outside noise. Due to the special design of the electrodes, and the superb quality of the sintered Ag/AgCl electrode material the cap can be applied easily and fast, and provide the very best signal quality. Read more >>

Features and benefits

  • Most suitable cap for AC and DC coupled recordings in research and clinical settings. Good signals even in (very) slow potentials, e.g. frequency range < 0.5 Hz
  • High quality EEG signals
  • Comfortable fit
  • Several cap sizes to cover a large variety of head circumferences
  • Quick application
  • Easy to clean
  • Up to 256 electrodes
  • Available in 10-20 and equidistant layouts
  • Optimized shape of electrodes minimizes induction type artifacts (e.g.fMRI,TMS)
  • All caps are compatible with TMS
  • Connects to any EEG system
  • Active shielding option
  • 1 year warranty
  • Custom layouts are available upon request

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CE marked. Medical Device clearance under FDA 510(k); MDL issued by Health Canada.


All waveguard caps are TMS compatible
WaveGuard NIRS cap for simultaneous NIRS / EEG acquisition. The positions of the optodes are placed according to an equidistant layout where the EEG is positioned according to the 10/20 system. The EEG is measured using the ASA-Lab system.
WaveGuard fMRI cap.  The specialized fMRI compatible WaveGuard EEG cap includes resistors for each electrode to guarantee the safety of the subject.  An extra long cable of 3m allows optimal placement of the EEG amplifier.
waveguard cap in combination with eevoke, the stimulation package for cognitive research
Bicycling while recording eeg and emg with eego sports
The waveguard caps are specifically designed to fit well on a baby head shape. This enables high quality recordings much easier and faster than the conventional EEG caps. waveguard caps are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. They have been proven to work well even in the most demanding, intensive care environments in preterm and full-term babies.
waveguard caps are available in many sizes
Perfect for use in neurogaming
waveguard cap color schemes. From left to right: Large, Medium, Small, Child, Infant, and Baby.
Quick application of a waveguard cap



Experience with eegosports (former type of eego sports) at the BIND Center
In our experience, eegosports™ (ANT Neuro) represents a significant advancement in human movement research across several domains (e.g., sport sciences, physical therapy, and sports medicine) more
Experience with eegosports (former type of eego sports) by Professor David Liley
Our principle reason for choosing ANT systems over competitor systems was their portability, functional flexibility and recording cap quality and durability. more
Prof. Dr. Sampsa Vanhatalo
The intensive collaboration with ANT resulted in the unique neonatal caps that range in size from the smallest preterm babies to infants. Over the past five years my daily experiences with the caps have been excellent. Also my EEG technicians, who use the more
Hasan Asif, MD
“I am using ANT’s waveguard cap for TMS on daily basis for my neurofeedback and TMS sessions and I can not thank ANT enough for such a great product. My Neurotech’s work has been cut into half and I don’t have to worry about artifacts any more. Amazing di more
waveguard brochure
WG Clinical Cap Brochure
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