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eego™ hub

eego™ hub

Fully integrated standardized HD EEG solution

eego™ hub system offers an all-in-one standardized high-density EEG recording solution and makes High-Density EEG recordings a breeze, even for demanding research applications.  

eego™ hub is a plug-and-play solution that is designed for stationary use.  The system is fully compatible with the full range of waveguard caps and nets and provides direct access to 10 bipolar and 14 auxiliary channels, 7-bit trigger communication as well as HD video recording. All of these are in one system without the need for additional extensions.

eego™ hub has been carefully designed to serve the needs of multimodal brain research with an uncompromised EEG sampling rate of up to 16kHz and straightforward connections to a variety of physiological sensors. It is ideal for laboratory-based research and publishing high-quality EEG data. 

eego™ hub is also suitable for multi-centric research studies that require collecting and sharing massive amounts of brain data. The eego™ hub can be fully preconfigured for a particular purpose to ensure an identical setup across sites, leaving no room for error. The system can also be used for dyadic studies to record synchronized EEG. Thanks to the isolated patient ground and reference for each connector module.

Benefits of the eego™ hub solution are:

  • Standardized stationary HD-EEG solution with 128 or 256 EEG channels
  • In-built high-performance PC
  • Uncompromised EEG with up to 16 kHz sampling rate
  • Input for additional 10 bipolar and 14 auxiliary channels
  • Compatibility for ExG, auxiliary sensors such as accelerometers, video, and SpO2
  • Excellent EEG signal quality through active shielding and high input impedance
  • Dedicated 7-bit TTL trigger input for ERP studies and real-time synchronization with external devices
  • In-built dedicated hardware to run ERP studies 
  • Complimentary SDK for real-time data access for BCI, and neurofeedback applications (up to 64 channels)

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eego™ hub can only be used for research purposes by professionals at research and development facilities. For further information please send your inquiry to Manufactured by eemagine Medical Imaging Solutions GmbH, Berlin, Germany, ISO 13485 certified. ANT Neuro and eemagine are part of the neuromotion group.

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