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Nets for a variety of applications

Nets for a variety of applications

The waveguard net combined with the eego mylab and sports systems (and the soon to be released eego hub) provides our users with the most flexible EEG solutions available. With the addition of the waveguard net our customers are able to maintain the easy and reliable workflows that they are accustomed to and further decrease their study preparation time, all with the assurance of off-the-shelf operation at an affordable price range.

Designed for eego

The waveguard net is fully compatible with ANT Neuro’s eego amplifiers (E-2xx) and software. All the eego solutions are configured for each waveguard net size and pining specifications and provide a completely plug-and-play solution for your application.


Virtual Reality

The waveguard net paired with eego sports offers ultra-mobile EEG recordings solution.



Two 64 channel waveguard net paired with eego hub solution offers a high-density EEG recording solution for dyadic studies.


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