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Features & benefits

Features & benefits

Rapid application and high-quality EEG

  • waveguard net is an excellent match for recordings requiring fast preparation time. The high-quality sponge material is designed for increased electrolyte retention to ensure consistent contact with the scalp to perform longer recordings (up to 3 hours) without rehydrating.
5 minutes after the net application 3 hours after the net application
5 minutes 3 hours
  • Saline-based: gel-free application is as simple as soak and apply, making it a perfect choice for your research applications with time-limited recordings. Flexible design ensures faster application, ease of use, and a comfortable fit




  • The waveguard net is fully compatible with your eego™ amplifiers. The eego™ amplifier adds the additional layer of a high input impedance to further improve the quality of EEG data.
  • The waveguard’s superior active shielding protects data in situations when the subject is physically active.
  • The small footprint, lite-weight eego amplifiers provide the added benefit of the flexibility to split amplifier to accommodate multiple data collection devices on either eego™ mylab or the mobile eego™ sports. 

Quality & Comfort

  • Built on the technology used in the waveguard family of EEG cap solutions to provide best-in-class signal quality and comfort.
  • Designed with the unique Ag EEG electrodes fitted with high-quality sponge material

quality and comfort

  • The waveguard net is easy to use and can be self-applied with a chin strap to easily fasten the cap for greater stability.
  • The net design provides consistent electrode connectivity with the scalp with greater subject fit and comfort due to flexible design.
  • The high-quality waveguard’s superior active shielding assures cleaner signals with reduced environmental noise and common cable displacement artifact


  • Laser-cut silicone structure for high durability and lite-weight
  • Securing ring for the sponge retention as well as easy replacement

  • Clean and secure lead wire management to avoid any damage during the handling and adjustments
  • Backed by one year warranty
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