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variants & components

variants & components

eegosports comes in five variations: 32, 32 pro, 64, 64 pro, and 128 pro

  System components eego sports 32 eego sports 64 eego sports 128 pro
Referential channels 32 64 128
Bipolar and sensor channels PRO version only: 2 BIP / 4 AUX, up to 24 overall PRO version only: 2 BIP / 4 AUX, up to 24 overall 2 BIP / 4 AUX, up to 48 overall
max. sampling frequency 2 kHz 2 kHz 2 kHz
eego software
recording, review and export
waveguard cap
sizes N3, N4, N5, B, I ,C ,S ,M ,L
One 32-channel
waveguard cap
(free of choice N3-L)
One 64-channel
waveguard cap
(free of choice B-L)
One 128-channel
waveguard cap
(free of choice S-L)
Windows tablet or optional Windows laptop
eego sports backpack
eego sports suitcase
EEG starter kit
Trigger adapter DB25
Sensebox PRO version only PRO version only
Auxiliary sensor kit PRO version only PRO version only


Further benefits

For easy storage and transport, all eego sports solutions come in a highly-durable, water-resistant suitcase.

The entire system stored safely in the compact hard shell suitcase.

The assembled eego sports solution: backpack containing the eego amplifier and Windows tablet, waveguard EEG cap, and a simple cap-to-amp connector.

The eego sports pro versions include the auxiliary sensor kit containing sensors for respiration, temperature, skin conductance, acceleration


All eego sports pro solutions include a 3 month trial of asa analysis software.

All eego sports pro solutions come with 2 years warranty on amplifiers, 1 year warranty on waveguard caps, and 6 months of free remote support.


The eego™ amplifiers are CE marked medical devices, and have FDA clearance under 510(k)

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