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eego™ 8


small package - great solutions

With our eegoTM 8 solutions, research grade quality EEG or EMG is now possible from your pocket or the palm of your hand. The small eegoTM amplifier is fully compatible with the waveguard™ touch dry electrode EEG cap. By combining these innovative technologies, you’ll have your acquisition up and running in no time.

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Our solutions for you

ANT Neuro is one step ahead of the curve and provides suitable eegoTM 8 solutions for a number of different applications. All channels are equiped with active shielding technology for reduction of environmental interference delivering highest quality EEG, EMG, ECG, or EOG channels on the go. And of course, they are great for real-time applications such as BCI and neurofeedback. 

eego™ rt 8:

Our eegoTM rt 8 solution is ideal for running BCI experiments or for integrating our hardware into your own software application. The complimentary SDK license sets you up for a quick start of your research or development.

eego™ sports 8:

The eegoTM sports 8 extends our popular eegoTM sports range. This solution provides you with everything you need to assess, capture, and analyze the brain in motion. Optimally suited for applications such as sports and movement sciences, performance optimization for athletes, neurorehabilitation, and Mobile Brain Imaging (MoBI).


  • Small device, humble price
  • Our smallest and lightest solution for mobile high quality EEG recording
  • Medically certified SDK for real-time data access
  • Outstanding signal quality thanks to active shielding technology
  • Support for dry and gel-based EEG caps
  • Both unipolar and bipolar amplifier models are available
  • Multiple cap configurations
  • Two sample-precise trigger inputs

The eego amplifiers are CE marked medical devices, and have FDA clearance under 510(k).

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