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Features & benefits

Features & benefits

Fully plug and play

Unlike conventional setups, eego hub is an all-in-one solution. There are no extra cable or adaptors required for EEG acquisition and the system requires minimal setup time. All you need to connect is the EEG cap and start recording.


Prepare for HD EEG recordings in no time

eego hub is fully compatible with the range of gel-based, dry electrode-based waveguard caps, and saline-based waveguard nets. This offers full flexibility for recording high-density EEG data. Pairing the system with the saline-soaked waveguard™ nets provides a high-density solution that is quick to set up and delivers research-grade EEG data. 


High signal quality

All EEG channels are equipped with ANT Neuro’s active shielding technology for the reduction of environmental interference, delivering good signal quality even under adverse conditions. 


Dyadic studies (hyper-scanning)

The system is ideal for dyadic studies to record synchronized, multi-subject EEG, owing to the isolated patient ground and reference for each connector module. With a 128ch eego hub, you can record from two subjects with up to 64-channel caps or nets per subject, whereas you can study four subjects with 256 channel eego hub.


Complete lab for ERP studies

The system is integrated with dedicated hardware capabilities that allow you to run stimulus presentation paradigm on the same system.  The triggers are internally sent to the eego software running on the device. Optionally, you may connect multiple displays to the eego hub; one for the stimulus presentation and the second for the experiment operator.  

Please note that stimulus presentation software is not provided in the package, and this functionality is subjected to the hardware and resource requirements of the stimulus paradigm and the presentation software package.


Pre-loaded eego software

The system comes with our user-friendly eego recording software package, preconfigured with all common EEG cap and net layouts and a variety of software features like LSL streaming, remote web control, network events, and network archiving. The eego software license is included in the package. 

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