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features & benefits

features & benefits

waveguard original caps are the latest and most advanced caps available at the moment. The advances in cap design are made possible through the use of lightweight, flexible and sintered Ag/AgCl material that can be easily used with a variety of head shapes, allowing easier application of the caps and comfortable recordings. The option to use shielded wires is available with the caps for even better recording results.

waveguard original caps are a result of well-defined production processes, managed to tackle even the highest requirements in brain science and diagnostics fields. They benefit from the finest materials of the latest technology for optimal ease of use and the very best signal quality.

High quality EEG signals

Sintered Ag/AgCl provide the best EEG signal quality of all electrode materials, and are maintenance-free (no need for re-chloriding).

Quick application

The waveguard original EEG electrode cap is applied by choosing an appriopriate size and fitting it over the subject's head. The cap is secured by using either the included chin-strap or chin-cap, or by using the optional chest-belt. Contact between the waveguard original electrodes and the subject's head is made by using conductive gel. The gel is applied via a syringe with a blunt needle, or with a gel dispenser. The small, high-quality, sintered Silver/Silver Chloride electrodes allow for very fast application times.

Active shielding option

By using a shielded waveguard original cap the user is able to record high-quality EEG in conditions where conventional electrode systems would not work. For instance, when doing EEG/ERP research using a portable ERP system without having access to shielded rooms. In these cases the active shielding of the electrode leads will continuously deliver you with good-quality data and protect it from the 50/60 Hz environmental noise. Moreover, active shielding protects data in situations when the subject is physically active. Active shielding works only when both the EEG amplifier and the cap are shielded. 

Key benefits of active shielding:
•    Movement of electrode cables do not interfere with EEG recording
•    Good signals, even when your impedances are high
•    50/60 Hz environmental noise is shielded
•    No need for expensive and fragile pre-amplifiers at the cap

-> Example
The images below show a comparison between the power spectra of the EEG measured with a conventional cap (electro-cap, ECI) and that measured with the cap using the shielded electrodes. This recording was carried out in the USA in a normal EEG lab. No filtering was applied to the data. As you can see, the power spectrum of the conventional cap (shown on the left) shows a clear peak around the 60 Hz.

The picture below shows the clear reduction of 50Hz between unshielded vs. shielded recordings. With active shielding the feedback signal from the amplifier on the shield results in 'zero-capacitance' between core and shield. This makes the wires (thus whole cap) quite insusceptible to outside noise, e.g., caused by mains interference or movement of the cables.
Spectrum comparison and time-frequency plots of the signal at electrode CZ: using the Electro-cap (left), and the WaveGuard cap (right). Environmental noise is clearly reduced in case shielded electrodes are used!

Connects to any EEG system

waveguard original caps are equipped with special connectors to make connecting and disconnecting to EEG headboxes quick and easy. In case the waveguard original cap connector does not fit directly to the EEG headbox it can be connected by one of our adapters. The installation is straightforward with minimal effort.

Comfortable fit, few sizes

The soft fabric and rubber electrode housing provide a comfortable fit on the head, even for extended recording times. Each waveguard original is delivered with a chin strap and a chin cap; either can be used as preferred. An optional chestbelt is available to allow fastening the cap without using the chin area. The elastic CoolmaxTM fabric allows covering a wide range of head circumferences. The medium waveguard original cap fits approximately 65% of the population aged 10 or older. Optimized shape of electrodes minimizes induction type artifacts (e.g.fMRI,TMS)

Size-matching color schemes

To enable you to distinguish different cap sizes better and simplify work with the caps we have decided to introduce 6 cap designs. We have applied four colors (blue, red, yellow and grey) variedly, combining the sides and top to create distinct combinations for each of the available sizes. All caps are also provided with a size label on the neck.

Available for recordings simultaneously with MEG or fMRI

waveguard original caps are available in a variety of sizes, layouts and types. In addition to the standard EEG caps, ANT offers also caps for simultaneous recording of EEG with MEG or fMRI.

Up to 256 electrodes in 10-20 or equidistant layouts

The waveguard EEG electrode caps are available with configurations of up to 256 electrodes. Each configuration adheres to the common 10-20 system, or to the specially developed 'Duke' system that features an even spacing between adjacent electrodes.

Compatibility with TMS

All waveguard EEG electrode caps are compatible with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. EEG can be recorded during the TMS experiment, with very high quality and short artifact recovery times.

Two electrode ring options

This important part of an EEG cap now comes in two versions: the 16 mm wide standard type, which is fine for inter-electrode distances of down to ca. 35 mm, and the 13 mm small type, which is especially suited for high-density caps with 128 or more channels, in baby caps with 32 or more channels, and in all caps used in neonates.  All waveguard original caps with 128 or more channels are now by default equipped with the small rings. But since the electrode rings can easily be replaced by the user as well, we made them available as a separate item - please contact our local distributor or one of our offices in case you would like to have more information about the new high-density rings or you are interested in purchasing them.

Custom layouts available upon request

Special custom layouts or connections are available upon request.

1 year warranty

Since 2011 all waveguard original caps are provided with a 1 year warranty. It covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery. Optional extension to one additonal year - please inquire for more information.

All waveguard original caps are CE marked and cleared by FDA

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