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eego™ 9.2 system now released!

eego™ 9.2 system now released!

As part of ANT Neuro’s pioneering products in EEG technology, eego™ is an integral component addessing both key customer groups: clinical and research. The latest release of the eego™ system is built on and extends the modularity and mobility of the eego™ solutions, equally addressing both customer groups. The eego™ mylab and sports solutions have been revised to further improve on modularity and upgrade options. The eego™ rt solutions have been extended in features, now supporting up to 16 kHz sampling frequency.

The eego™ is the optimal modular recording solution for fast and simple HD-EEG, and multimodal data acquisition both for mobile and stationary setups. The release of the eego™ system 9.2 continues to provide our users the most flexible EEG platform on the market while maintaining easy and reliable workflows, to ease the work and shorten the setup times enabling off-the-shelf operation.



New features in eegoTM 9.2

The eego™ software and eego™ solutions are enhanced with the following new and improved features:

New eegoTM sports 128 pro (ES-235) v9.2

  • Completely new solution using 2 cascaded eego™ sports 64 pro amplifiers

  • Designed for both mobile and lab use; compatible with the new eego™ backpack version 4

  • Support for all eego™ computers, including the eego™ tablet XS-225

  • Full support for all eego™ sensors, with up to 48 bipolar or sensor channels

  • Up to 2048 Hz sampling rate for up to 4.5 hours of recording time

Revised eegoTM sports 64 pro (ES-233) v9.2

  • Upgradable to eego™ sports 128 pro*

  • Upgradable to eego™ mylab 64+24 (restrictions on recording PCs apply)*

New eegoTM backpack (XS-210) v4

  • Completely re-designed and improved backpack version, backwards compatible with eego™ v8.2 and eego™ v9.1 solutions

  • New module XS-213 supporting a second amplifier (included in eego™ sports 128 pro with tablet and backpack; optional for eego™ sports 64 pro upgrades)

  • New cable management module XS-215 for sensor and additional equipment (included in all eego™ sports pro solutions with tablet and eego™ backpack; optional for other solutions)

Upgrade options from eegoTM sports v9.2 to eegoTM mylab v9.2

  • eego™ sports v9.2 solutions become upgradable* to their respective eego™ mylab v9.2 pendant, with up to 16 kHz sampling rate, and all eego™ mylab software features; without the need for amplifier replacement

  • Upgrades* supported for solutions with laptop, desktop PC and All-in-One-PC recording units

Increased sampling rates for eegoTM rt v9.2

  • eego™ rt v9.2 solutions now support up to 16 kHz sampling rates* (2 kHz in previous system versions)

New eegoTM software 1.9.2

  • Included in all eego™ mylab and eego™ sports solutions

  • Improved usability and support for all currently released 32, 64, 128, and 256 channel waveguard™ original and waveguard™ touch caps

*Applicable to systems delivered after February 10th, 2021


Contact us for more information and custom offers!

The new eego™ software version 1.9.2 is available as a free-of-charge update for all customers using eego™ softwae 1.9.1 and eego™ systems 9.1. Please contact to update your existing eego™ 9.1 system.

Interested in further information, migration offers, and upgrade options? Please contact us at!



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