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Supporting documentation and downloads

Supporting documentation and downloads

eeprobe/asa data importer for EEGLAB (MATLAB)

MATLAB importer for eeprobe (cnt/avr) data format. Can be used as plugin for EEGLAB MATLAB toolbox as well.
Supported versions of MATLAB:

  • Windows MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b/32bit)
  • Windows MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b/64bit)
  • Mac MATLAB 7.0 (PPC only/32bit)
  • Linux MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a/32bit)
  • Linux MATALB 7.4 (R2007b/64bit)

We provide several precompiled MATLAB plugins download here >>

Early 2010, we made the code to our MATLAB/EEGLAB importer and exporter open source.

The file format provides functions for storage of EEG/ERP/MEG data as 32-bit values, and includes a very efficient compression algorithm. Encoding/decoding from the compressed data is performed automatically through the libeep interface functions. Software library that deals with reading and writing RIFF-format CNT/AVR-files. The plugins below here are provided as a courtesy. We encourage our users to grab the source-code and compile it themselves for the most recent version of MATLAB/EEGLAB.

In November of 2013, changes were made to the library to allow cnt files to grow larger than 2GB. To accomplish this, the internal pointers in the file-format uses 64-bit offsets, instead of 32-bit. Please note, that files created with 64-bit offsets cannot be read by older versions of LIBEEP that don't support this. Please update your software if you encounter this problem. For more information please contact

Download the related LIBEEP source code >>

asa / asalab example files

Download here the example data from a spatial attention experiment, used to exemplify major asa features.



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