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eegosports in use: MindWalker

eegosports in use: MindWalker

ANT and its sister company eemagine GmbH, Berlin, have joined forces with various partners to develop a system that will empower the wearer with walking ability and allow him/her to perform their usual daily activities in the most autonomous and natural manner.

The ambitious and innovative Mindwalker project is aiming at making use of electrical brain activity associated with walking in order to control a robotic lower limbs orthosis worn by the disabled person. This would result in a neuro-BCI controlled body-exoskeleton combined system that enables different walking modalities.

Sensor technology and computing power have improved drastically in the last decade. In particular, a number of potential robotics applications have come more and more within reach for end users. Research in neuroscience related to perception and interpretation shows promising results with great potential for new applications.

Project Mindwalker is accomplishing the admirable goal of giving lower limb mobility to those without. The multi-national consortium of contributors consists of advanced researchers and technology companies, including ANT Neuro. We are proud to say that eegosports is an integral part of this cutting edge research project, acting as the platform for the quality EEG data necessary to accomplish the sophisticated task of allowing physically disabled individuals to ‘walk with their minds.’ 

Exoskelatons on the march

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Project Partners

This European FP7 project involves partners from Iceland, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Italy.


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