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Neonatal EEG Monitoring Consensus Statement

Neonatal EEG Monitoring Consensus Statement

Shellhaas, Chang, Tsuchida, Scher, Riviello, Abend, Nguyen, Wusthoff, Clancy
Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology

This document offers preferred methods and indications for long-term,
conventional electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring for selected, high risk neonates
of post-menstrual age less than 48 weeks. The authors recognize that there may be
significant practical barriers to the implementation of these recommendations for many
caregivers and institutions, particularly with regard to the availability of equipment, and
technical and interpretive personnel. A wide range of clinical circumstances dictates the
implementation of EEG monitoring, frequency of EEG review, and the subsequent
treatment of seizures or EEG background abnormalities detected by neonatal EEG.
Consequently, this document should be considered as an expression of idealized goals
and not as a mandated standard of care.

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