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EEG Bootcamp - ERP Investigations in Clinical and Healthy Population

EEG Bootcamp - ERP Investigations in Clinical and Healthy Population

Event Date: 
Thursday, May 9, 2024 to Friday, May 10, 2024
Event Location: 

ANT Neuro-Birmingham bootcamp for ERP investigations in Clinical and Healthy Population

Unlock the potential of EEG and dive into the world of ERP applications in research and clinics at our upcoming ANT Neuro Bootcamp at the University of Birmingham, UK. Co-hosted with the local School of Psychology, this event promises a unique learning experience for young researchers, Master's and Ph.D. students in cognitive neuroscience and psychology.

Day one kicks off with ANT Neuro specialists and leading researchers delving into the essentials of EEG and ERPs. Gain a solid foundation before immersing yourself in practical applications on day two, led by distinguished lecturers with real-world experience in research and clinical settings.

Elevate your skills through immersive, hands-on sessions where you'll personally collect and analyze EEG data. Network with fellow enthusiasts and expand your horizons in the dynamic realm of EEG technology.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to deepen your understanding and boost your career in neuroscience. Seize your spot now for a transformative educational journey!


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