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Ultra-mobile EEG monitoring of performance and stress level in sport horses with eego24

Ultra-mobile EEG monitoring of performance and stress level in sport horses with eego24 is a company that aims to translate and apply the knowledge gathered by its funders on EEG dynamics in top-level human athletes to the animal domain, with a specific focus on high-performing horses.

EEG is a powerful tool to study brain functions in all kinds of environmental conditions, including during physical activity. Thanks to its flexibility and portability, EEG has been particularly useful in the study of human athletes, providing useful information on how the brain contributes to top performance in various sports [6]. However, the knowledge gathered from EEG research on human athletes can also be applied to highperforming horses, potentially providing valuable insights into how to maximize their performance and overall well-being.

A mobile EEG system can provide numerous benefits for monitoring the well-being of animals, by providing markers to track and quantify an animal’s cognitive and emotional state. By exploiting a custom-made mobile EEG system, seeks to easily and quickly monitor the brain activity of horses in a variety of settings, including during everyday activities at the stables, during transportation and before and after a race.

Racehorses, more than other animals, are confronted with internal and external stress factors related to competitions and are often exposed to unfamiliar and unfriendly environments. Monitoring their stress levels during transportation, for example, can be crucial. The transportation of horses can be a stressful experience for the animals and can potentially affect their performance. By using EEG markers, trainers and veterinarians can identify any changes in the animal’s stress levels and take appropriate action to address any issues.

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