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Introducing the new and upgraded visor2 product range

Introducing the new and upgraded visor2 product range

ANT is proud to announce its new and upgraded visor2™ product range. 

Available in four product solutions - QT, LT, XT and ST, the new and upgraded visor2 product range brings new features such as extended functionality for combined EEG- TMS recordings, multimodality functional mapping of the motor and speech cortex, the integration of the brand-new PowerMAG ANT 100Hz rTMS stimulator and many more improvements. Your work with visor2 will be faster, safer and more accurate than ever before.  

visor2 QT  
The routine navigation package
visor2 LT  
The clinical research package
visor2 XT  
The multimodality package
visor2 ST  
The complete rTMS package

Key benefits

  • Updated and completely new developed visor2 product solutions, matching specific user requirements for functionality, usability and pricing.
  • Compatible with TMS stimulators and coils from various TMS manufacturers.
  • Integration of the PowerMAG ANT 100 rTMS stimulator in visor2 ST with direct software control of TMS stimulation parameters for advanced rTMS and Theta-Burst applications.
  • Improved and extended functionality for combined EEG*-TMS research and clinical validation, in visor2 XT and ST.
  • Optional extension module for highly customizable, presurgical speech mapping supported by dedicated workflows.
  • Colored DICOM export of mapped functional hotspots for further review and processing in surgical navigation systems.
  • Full integration of the ANT Neuro eego™ amplifier solution for high-quality EEG*-EMG recordings.
  • All in-one system with touch based PC for greater usability and mobility in routine clinical use with visor2 QT.
    * visor2 in combination with EEG- for research purposes only.

Read more on our new visor2 product range and get in touch with us to find the right visor2 solution for you.


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