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eemagine GmbH, Berlin launches a new and innovative aEEG (CFM) monitor

eemagine GmbH, Berlin launches a new and innovative aEEG (CFM) monitor

designed for screening and monitoring of pre-term and term babies

Berlin, Germany – Jan. 04. 2019: Today, eemagine GmbH proudly introduces nëo as a new product to the ANT Neuro product line. nëo is an intuitive aEEG (CFM) monitor for the neonatal ICU, with the vision to improve clinical care of preterm and critically ill term newborns. nëo offers a modern and easy-to-use solution for monitoring the brain function and brain development of the most fragile patients.

nëo saves valuable time for monitoring and diagnosis by enabling quick initiation of aEEG (CFM) recording with minimal setup efforts. The possibility to use nëo with EEG caps reduces complexity of electrode preparation and maximizes efficiency. nëo allows the use of up to 8 referential channels for improved imaging and assessment of neurological abnormal activities. Once monitoring is started, nëo’s interface is optimized for providing an adapted view with only relevant information displayed for all users, be it nurses, bedside staff, neonatologists or pediatric neurologists. This simplifies the collaboration between care-takers in the complex neonatal care.


nëo will be available throughout Europe through a network of distributors. eemagine GmbH is a Berlin (Germany) based provider of high-performance neuro-science and neuro-care solutions for the past 19 years.


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