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ANT Neuro proudly announces ANT Neuro Australia

ANT Neuro proudly announces ANT Neuro Australia

ANT Neuro proudly announces the opening of ANT Neuro Australia as the newest Sales and Support organization in the group based in Melbourne, Australia.

With ANT Neuro Australia our aim is to better serve our existing customers and to further extend our presence in the region. Dr. Martijn Schreuder (LinkedIn), CEO of ANT Neuro Australia, stated “the opening of a new, self-supporting sales and support office in Melbourne strengthens our commitment to providing our Australian customers focused and timely access to our sales and support team.”

Dr. Sung Wook Chung (LinkedIn), who recently joined the team in Melbourne, will lead our sales and support efforts. Sung has extensive experience in neuromodulation in clinical and research settings. He will leverage his background to consult researchers and clinicians as they adopt, innovate and translate emerging neurotechnologies from research to clinical practice and stated that “we are excited to set up the office in Melbourne and we have assembled a great team to support our customers locally.”

On 21 July 2021, ANT Neuro Australia will celebrate its launch by hosting an inaugural webinar with one of Australia’s leading experts in the field of neuromodulation, Prof. Paul Fitzgerald (LinkedIn). Prof. Fitzgerald will speak on the topic of “Precision Neuromodulation in Psychiatry - Neurotechnology in Clinical Practice” and registration will be free of charge to anyone interested. 

The creation of ANT Neuro Australia expands ANT Neuro’s global network of direct sales and support entities, located in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, and the United States. According to Dr. Schreuder “the addition of the Melbourne office assures that we can build close relationships with its customers in one of our most active regions of the world.”

Contact ANT Neuro Australia at:
Off 3, 43 Railway Rd
Blackburn VIC 3130

Phone: +61 3 9880 2058
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