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waveguard neonatal caps

waveguard neonatal caps

The waveguard neonatal caps are specifically designed to fit well on a baby head shape, which enables high quality recordings much easier and faster than the conventional EEG caps. Moreover, these caps have been proven to work well even in the most demanding, intensive care environments in preterm and fullterm babies.

The size of the waveguard neonatal caps is described with numbers 1-5. The size chart indicates that the number of electrodes starts at 24 for the smallest sizes, up to 43 (special 10-10 layout with extra low electrodes) for size 5.

At the normal positions of FC1 and FC2, no electrodes are placed; instead, the cap has openings (for other sensors or clinical wires, i.e. IV line).

An example of waveguard EEG caps for neonates in use

waveguard caps are used in the large EU funded multi-center project for the study of neonatal seizures and treatment. The NEMO consortium is formed by renowned researchers from all over Europe, in a collaboration of 14 well-recognized institutes and universities. The study aims to develop effective anti-epileptic drug treatment, and also provides resources for clinicians to obtain a better understanding of EEG recordings in neonatal care. A set of videos has been made available, covering a range of topics, e.g., how to set up EEG hardware, how to solve common or more complex EEG problems.

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CE marked. MDL issued by Health Canada. Outside the EU and Canada the waveguard neonatal caps are intended for research and educational purposes only.
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