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Exciting presentations for cognitive experiments

eevoke is a presentation package for cognitive research that can present media such as images, sound or movies to the subject. Presentations can be visual, auditory or a combination of these.

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Trigger information can also be sent to external devices by means of serial or parallel port connection.

Real-time data visualization

Using the eevoke package, presentation is controlled through a scenario. Scenarios contain information regarding the timing and event codes of multimedia files, and define the sequence of trials and blocks in the experiment. Both presentation and corresponding control information are interpreted in real time, resulting in a complete and highly flexible environment for experiments.

Audio cue points for productive experimenting

Cue points in sound files can be used as extra triggers. This is extremely useful when you want to present sentences or music and you need to mark the beginning and end of certain pieces in the sound. eevoke automatically creates one trigger at the start of the sound file and then additional ones at the cue points inside the sound file. Cue points are part of the wave file definition and can easily be edited using, e.g., the GoldWave editor


eevoke is intended for research use only.

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