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The new frontier in EEG!

The new frontier in EEG!

eego sports, in its new 128-channel configuration, is the industry-leading solution for high density mobile EEG. The system brings ANT's high density EEG solution off of the desktop and into natural environments, opening exciting new research possibilities!

The new frontier in multimodal physiological monitoring

The versatile eego sensors family allows for monitoring physiological and environmental parameters including galvanic skin response, temperature, respiration and acceleration. Up to 24 channels of the eego amplifier are available to record these modular sensors in sync to EEG - in both mobile and stationary setups. Soon to come: The new SpO2 feature enables monitoring of pulse and blood oxygenation parameters.

The new frontier in dry high density EEG

waveguard touch is the most comfortable and reliable dry electrode EEG cap. The unique Ag/AgCl coated soft polymer electrodes provide stable, research-grade EEG signals. The combination with eego’s leading active shielding technology makes the waveguard touch the best solution for dry EEG! For the first time ever, our industry leading dry electrode solution is now available with up to 128 channels. 

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