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terms & conditions

terms & conditions

The offer includes unlimited usage of the waveguard connect cap & accompanying items for the purpose of EEG recordings of the human brain. We include a free EEG starer kit with every shipment, delivered to the user to use to his/her needs. The user may keep the starter kit even when the package is returned. The enclosed user guide for the waveguard cap and adapter must be followed at all times. Changes are not allowed in the configuration of the delivered equipment. In case of damage, the user is obliged to report the cause and severity of the damage to the company of origin, ANT Neuro.

Ownership & payment
The waveguard connect cap & accompanying items remain the sole property of ANT Neuro until paid for in full. The user receives a reminder two days before the 2-week deadline. The initial invoice is not binding until two weeks (10 working days) after the collection of the parcel at the customer site. The day of the parcel collection is noted as the first usage day. The charges occur only after 10 working days, when the tracking code of the return shipment is not provided by the user. A tracking code serves as confirmation that the shipment has been sent back to ANT's office. For questions as well as providing the tracking codes, you can contact our sales team at: sales(at)

Transport of goods
After requesting a waveguard connect cap, our sales team will contact the customer within two working days to verify details. After the package is shipped, the customer will receive a tracking code with the estimated time of delivery.

If returning the package, the shipment costs are the responsibility of the user. The return shipment must include all items as delivered to the customer, the starter kit may be excluded. The included address label may be used for a hassle-free and quick shipment. 

Return address ( or your local distributor):

ANT Neuro b.v.
attn. Rob Ensink (Connect)
Welbergweg 74
7556 PE Hengelo
The Netherlands

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