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Program and speakers

Program and speakers

Also in 2017 we were honoured with the presence of renowned session leaders and keynote speakers from all over the world.

Many thanks to - Prof. JP. Lefaucheur, Prof. J. Rothwell, Dr. M. Funke, Dr. J. Dudink, Prof. D. Liley, Prof. D. Turner, Prof. A. Daffertshofer, Prof. G. Cheron & Dr. J. Foxe - for their dedicated participation, intellectual expertise and for the high-quality presentations.

This year’s program will be very diverse and insightful, covering a broad spectrum of the most timely and significant advances in brain research and diagnostics. During the 3,5-day meeting participants will be able to attend symposia, workshops and onsite demonstrations.

For an overview of the ANT Neuromeeting 2017, see below:

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