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Submit an abstract before 1 October 2017

Submit an abstract before 1 October 2017


ANT Neuro gladly invites you to present novel research, innovative methods and findings within the field of brain research and diagnostics. Experts from all over the world will again join us at the same time and on the same place as the years before, in Beaune, Burgundy, France, where they will be able to join efforts, exchange ideas and contribute to a lifelong journey of decoding the fascinating activities of the human brain.

Submit an abstract before 1 October 2017 and have the exciting opportunity to be considered for a talk during the ANT Neuromeeting 2018 in France.

Topics ANT Neuromeeting 2018


(Applied) Neurotechnology
Topics: neurofeedback, BCI, sports & movement;

Neurocare (includes neurology / diagnostics / monitoring)
Topics: neonatal EEG, epilepsy (adult/neonatal), EEG/EP diagnostics;

Free communication
Topics: e.g. neuromarketing, neurogaming, multimodality etc.

Topics: neuromodulation, neurorepair, TMS pre-surgical mapping, TMS in depression, electrical;

Topics: memory, attention, cognition, brain connectivity etc.


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