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try out for free

waveguard connect EEG caps are a perfect match for hospitals and institutes aiming at reliable EEG, maximum uptime and great patient comfort! For optimal signal quality, the electrodes are made of pure, solid tin.

Want to experience the benefits for yourself? Try out the waveguard connect cap free of charge for two weeks! After using it for two whole weeks it’s up to you if you want to buy it or send it back! If you decide to send it back, you only pay for shipping costs. 

Try out waveguard connect for free! Try & buy or return!

The package includes:

1. One 21-channel waveguard connect cap in size M
- 21 electrodes plus GND + REF
- Reference position at CPz
- Layout 10/20
- Tin electrodes
- 1 DB25 male connector
- Cable connection 1.5 m

2. Adapter for all major clinical EEG systems
- DB25 female connector to 25 touch-proof connectors with electrode labels

3. EEG starter kit containing
- conductive gel (2 x 60 g)
- syringe (3 pc)
- blunt needles (10 pc)

4. User guide

5. Shipment instructions

Total value:
EUR 300.00 


The total price if you decide to keep both, the cap and the adapter. 
If you keep only the cap: EUR 255.00 
Or only the adapter: EUR 72.00


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This offer is valid until December 31, 2016. All prices are in euros and excl. VAT.

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